Steve Dropkin

If you have never listened to Steve’s music, you should.   His music is dedicated to three different realms within the Jewish context: liturgical music for use in camps and synagogues, text based music that teaches Jewish ideals, and social justice music to heal the world.  Listen to the music!

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Hey there everybody!!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to write to you and so much has happened! The world is changing all the time and I’m trying to keep up (a daunting task to say the least…) so it’s my hope to be “a part of, rather than apart from” the rhythm that drives us all.

If I look around at the world, I see so much opportunity and hope. We are on the precipice of so many amazing and magnificent things in this world. Conversely, there is so much yet to be done. All of us are responsible-none of us are exempt. To contribute positively on a daily basis in some small way is the goal I have set for myself.

So I ask you as you poke around this site and listen to the music, to consider what it is that you can do and join me in creating that road to Tikun Olam; Repairing the World. It’s not a path undertaken alone and traveled by one person. It’s a ‘we’ thing, so let’s do this journey together…

Steve Dropkin

Kesher L'Shabbat - The Shabbat Connection" Songbook

This collection includes a complete Shabbat Worship Service of Steve Dropkin's music. The selections come from all of Steve's recordings and are now in one publication.

The book includes two sections: The front half contains settings to the order of a Friday evening Shabbat service with full, beautifully-written piano accompaniments. The back section is lead sheets (melody/lyrics/chords) for each piece, convenient for songleaders and bands. The book, 114 pages in all, is exquisitely transcribed and can be used as a whole service or in part.

This volume contains many of Steve's most popular worship pieces along with several brand new settings, never before available in sheet music. The book can be purchased in either e-book or paperback form.

This anthology is an important addition to add to any Jewish music library.